About us


Our vision

Heritage Education Consultants has been going strong in the industry for almost 9 years now and progresses to grow and expand even more. With countless awards and honors, we have been providing our services to students all around the world with great results. Our team is always on standby to help any student make the best of the qualifications they have and realize their dreams through our Scholarship & Self-Finance Study programs.

What does Heritage offer?

Heritage team of experienced counselors and service members are highly experienced individuals providing guidance to students with any confusion or problem they might have. Available 24/7, students can contact any one of our team members at any time with any problems they might have and have it resolved in a matter of minutes.

University application service

We take pride in assisting our customers. Life in china can be overwhelming but you can have us at your service. We try our best to reduce the burden of a foreign land. Our overarching services are not limited to help you in getting admission. We also serve you during your stay in China. It is often experienced that students find it difficult to adjust during their initial days in Chain. It is quite natural. The most challenging task is to find conveyance when you are fully loaded and coming out of an airport. Apart from a driver, you are in dire need of a helping hand that can help you with the luggage. For this you can find a solution at Heritage Consultants. Allow us to introduce you to our services of airport pick-up. This may put an end to all your potential problems.

Accommodation Booking Service

We at Heritage Consultants understand the vital importance of accommodation for students. It is imperative for the students to find economical and peaceful accommodation to focus on learning. In order to provide them assistance in this aspect, we try our best to find accommodation. Our experts with thorough knowledge about the Chinese universities and accommodation can help you in learning about it. The Chinese universities not only fulfill the staple needs but also maintain the quality of services. This helps in the acquisition of knowledge.

Airport Pick-Up Service

The process of our arrival

  1. After booking your flight inform us about its arriving time. We can also keep a track of your flight.
  2. You can make the payment online.
  3. We will meet you at the exit.
  4. Our drivers hold a cardboard with your name and our logo written on it. You can identify the driver and get in the car.
  5. You can reach your place comfortably.